Rent Kayak

Here you book rental of our stable sea kayaks with rudders for crewed rental. This means that the price for the rental includes a brief overview of the kayak and equipment incl. help to adjust the footrests, wrapped chart of the local area and tips on the appropriate route depending on kayaking experience, weather & wind.

If you lack knowledge about kayaking in the sea and rescuing friends, we recommend that you book in on our popular guided tours alt. book a basic course. If you have children under the age of 16, we recommend that you book a double kayak with an experienced adult behind to steer.

Included: fully equipped sea kayak incl. life jacket, cockpit cover, kayak paddle, our own chart of the local area & a brief overview of how it works and what to keep in mind when paddling.

The kayaks can be fetch at the kayak center!

After paddling: the kayak is cleaned out and carried back to the site.

Price from 300 SEK

Specification kayaks


We have 2 models of single kayaks (K1) from the brand SeaBird. Both are stable plastic sea kayaks.

Åfjord, 3.68m long: Nice, stable and very nice kayak that is handy to handle as it is slightly shorter than our standard model. Despite its slightly shorter length, it still takes 130kg in cargo weight and is suitable for both youth and adults. Guide Marlene’s favorite model for day trips.

Discovery: 4.2m long. This is our standard model and fits most paddlers. Very stable! All-round model of which we have the most.


We have 1st model of double kayak (K2). It is a very stable plastic sea kayak.
The front seat has somewhat limited legroom, so we recommend that the person sitting there is a maximum of 170cm.
If you have children younger than 16, we recommend that you book a double kayak with an experienced adult behind to steer.