Johannesvik Camping & Stugby supports Hållbarhetsklivet and work with four basic principles.

As little unnecessary environmental impact as possible

Bohuslän is known for its nature, salty baths, cliffs and fishing. We at Johannesvik wants to protect nature and work to ensure that this continues to be part of what attracts tourism to our fantastic part of Sweden.

For many years now, we have had electric cars and bicycles available for when our staff have to move around the facility. There are also two charging stations for our guests with electric cars. As a guest, you can also be part of our sustainability thinking! We urge our guests not to drive at the facility unnecessarily, not only to reduce emissions of fossil fuel but also to create a safe and secure environment. Instead, we refer to public transport, renting one of our bicycles or walking. We have bus stops and beautiful exercise trails adjacent to the facility. Also, since most of our guests travel 50 miles or less to get to us, we can say that they are sustainable from a tourism industry perspective!

At Johannesvik, we have placed trash cans on the municipal exercise trail and at the facility we have waste sorting. We recycle grease, glass, cardboard and batteries, among other things. Glass, cardboard and batteries can be reused and the grease can become biofuel. We also have waste sorting for plastic bottles. At the end of the season we empty these and donate the money to charity!

In the showers we use shower cards that regulate the time for the hot water and since 2005 we have solar collectors that reduce our electricity consumption by managing the heating of the water for the showers. In the service houses we have continued in the same sustainability spirit and use only LED lighting, the same applies in our cottages. We also use Tork SmartOne® in the service houses and which reduces paper consumption up to 40%.

Our restaurant and shop are also involved and make a difference by using local ingredients and working to reduce food waste. In addition to help further reduce the emissions of fossil fuel, we try as much as possible to coordinate deliveries between the different parts of the company.

Good for both residents and visitors

In the same way that we use local ingredients in the restaurant, we also make sure to use local partners, craftsmen and suppliers. We also try, as far as possible, to hire staff from the local area. This contributes an added value for the guest as our staff has good local knowledge.

We collaborate with companies such as Nordens Ark, Smögens Dyk & Upplevelser and Hovenäsets kayak rental. One of our most important collaborations is the ones we have with the campsites in the surrounding area that help us improve and grow.

All collaborations with local companies as well as marketing of activities, restaurants and shops in the local area benefit both us and our visitors by the fact that most of the income stays locally and benefits the local economy.

More visitors when and where it is not full

One goal we and many others in Hållbarhetsklivet initiative have is to get an even occupancy in western Sweden for most part of the year. In this way, we create the conditions for a long-term and sustainable tourism industry.

We at Johannesvik hope in the future to be able to extend the seasons, create smooth transitions between high and low season and thus create an even occupancy. We plan to do this through further collaborations with local companies and by implementing development and marketing initiatives.

Work and livelihood

In the high season when we have the most to do, we supplement with extra staff in the shop, restaurant, reception, cleaning and caretaking. Many of the extra staff also choose to return year after year, which we see as a confirmation that we are an attractive workplace.

Despite the fact that our company does not have many full-time employees, we can, by extending the season and creating an even occupancy, contribute to more job opportunities being created. If not at our company then maybe at another?