We all know that accidents can happen so here are some important things to remember:

  • In case of fire we have the following gathering spots:

For the areas Ängen, Gröna Backe, Graniten, Lökåsen, Villa Harmoni and Toppen we gather by the Reception.

For the areas Backen, Askbacken, Grytan, Golfbyn, Storstuga, Lillstugan and Klubbhuset we gather by the beach.

  • If you barbacue by your camping spot you must ALWAYS have as bucket with water or a fire extinguisher nearby to prevent accidents.
  • Pay attention to our info-boards, there we update directly if an open fire prohibition upcomes.

It’s also good to know that:

  • There is a Defibrillator/Heart starter in the reception.
  • There is also a Life Vac in the restaurant. It saves lifes by taking out objects from your throat with vacuum and everyone can use it, even on themselfes.

The on call number is 0523-323 87  press 4

Act as follows: Save – Warn – Alarm – Extinguish

Save people in danger, warn the surroundings and alert the emergency services on 112. Try to extinguish if you have a fire extinguisher, but do not take unnecessary risks. Meet emergency vehicles at the entrance barrier.