Johannesvik’s Sustainability

We work to reduce the business’s negative impact on people and the environment.

  • We encourage our guests to leave their empty plastic bottles in our recycling bins.  The money that this generates is then donated to charity. In 2020, a total of SEK 39,008 went to Jonte Foundation.

  • At our three large service houses, we have solar panels on the roof that help to heat in the water. This reduces our electricity consumption.

  • We use low-energy lamps on the entire plant.

  • Johannesviks Camping extends over a large area, which means that vehicles are needed for our staff to move around the facility and we use electric cars and bicycles for staff as far as possible.

  • In all our toilets we use Tork SmartOne®. Thanks to this, paper consumption is reduced by up to 40%.

  • We sort and recyle our waste and we have 3 sorting stations for our guests.
  • Next to the reception we have a charging station for electric cars.

  • To get access to hot water, you need a shower card. Each shower lasts 3 minutes and the hot water can be paused. This contributes to a reduction in water consumption.

  • We make sure that the materials in our products are as environmentally sustainable as possible and do not contribute to the exploitation of people.
  • We see diversity as enriching and we strive for an equal workplace. We do not accept abusive discrimination or other forms of harassment either in word or deed.
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