Welcome to Johannesvik!

We hope you will have a nice and comfortable stay at us. The following regulations are for your and other guests’ comfort. They have been decided in collaboration with the Nordic camping organisations.

  1. Silence between 11PM and 7AM.
  2. Check-out of the cabin must take place no later than 12PM. Check-out of the campsite must take place no later than 1PM. 
  3. Johannesvik is a family campsite and has a 25-year age limit, everyone in the party must be 25 or older. This does not apply to families.
  4. Do not drive a motorized vehicle more than necessary, drive at walking speed and for as short distances as possible.
  5. Car parking is only permitted in designated places. Temporary visitors are asked to park their vehicle on our parking lot outside of the campsite. All cars within the campsite’s area must be equipped with an gate card and car tag, which can be picked up at the reception at the same time as check-in. The gate card must be kept as a document of value and may NOT be handed over to visitors or other guests.
  6. Overnight guests as well as extra cars must be registered upon arrival and are liable for payment. Parking for extra cars is only permitted in designated spaces. The campsites are intended for 5 people. The number of overnight guests in addition to this pays 50: -/ pers. & day. Children under 12 are free.
  7. The number of overnight guests in a cabin may not exceed the number for which the cabin is made for.
  8. Only one vehicle per rented space may be brought onto the campsite, with the exception of cabins with 6 beds. Either a motorized vehicle with a trailer, a mobile home or a motorized vehicle with a tent may be parked on the site.
  9. All tent equipment of normal type and size may be used. Caravans must be registered for the use of a motorized vehicle.
  10. Own fixed devices such as tent houses, fences and protective walls are not permitted. Ask if you are unsure. Make sure gas and electric equipment is tested and approved.
  11. Help the children find suitable places to play. Special places have been prepared. Throwing or kicking a ball among the tents and caravans is prohibited.
  12. Dog owners are asked to show the greatest possible consideration for other guests. Keep the dog on a leash and go for walks in a designated places outside the campsite. Always pick up after your dog.
  13. Help us keep the campsite clean and litter-free. Use our bins which are located around the area.
  14. Leave the common areas in the same condition as you would like to find them.
  15. Sales at and within the campsite may only take place with the camping owner’s permission.
  16. The camp host and other staff are responsible for peace and order, and will help if problems arise.
  17. The campsite host and staff are not responsible for damage or loss of guests’ belongings. Anyone who damages buildings, materials or other camping guests’ possessions can be made liable for compensation.
  18. The staff may be forced to take action against guests who do not respect the campsite’s rules of order.