Map & Nautical Chart

Our digital map – with extra information!

If you want, it is fine to test our digital map as a supplement to the nautical chart. The nautical chart is still the most important aid for navigation, as it either needs power, a mobile network or to be updated ;-)

A digital map with excellent routes, places to go up, tips on where to stop for some food, can however be good as an extra help and maybe make it easier to find the way between all the islands in the archipelago.

The map has several layers that can be activated or deactivated via checkboxes, for example. there are paddling trails/routes, shows bird- and nature protected areas, points of interest for coffee, breaks & restaurants & help with navigation (shows objects to look for when paddling to make it easier to see where you are and where you are going ;-))

Note! To make the map less plotty, use only the layers you need.

The map is under development and will arrive before June 2023 when the activity center opens!