Equipent & Clothing

SUP – Stand Up Paddleboard

Example – what to wear and bring!

What you want to bring with you when paddling SUP is of course a bit individual, but below are tips on good things to wear and take with you on our tours.
Life jacket is mandatory for paddling with us and is included in all types of rentals, activities & courses.

What to wear

  • SUP is usually paddled barefoot, but if you plan to go ashore, it can be good with sandals or bathing shoes
  • Thin clothes that are easy to move in, e.g. shorts/tights & t-shirt, wetsuit or swimwear with a sweater over it
  • Keep in mind that the clothes can get wet, so non-sore clothes that can withstand sea water are good
  • Wind and rain resistant jacket/trousers – if the weather requires this
  • Sun protection
  • Cap/sunglasses
    Take with you

All things need to be packed dry-safe in e.g. plastic bag or dry bag. Can be booked for drybags when booking the tour if you wish to rent.

What to bring

  • Fully charged mobile phone
  • Swimwear & towel
  • Coffee/lunch – included in some tours
  • Hot to drink, for example. coffee/tea etc. – included in some tours
  • Water bottle
  • If out on a slightly longer trip, a change of clothes can be nice to have
    Remember not to have a bag that is too big, as it lies on the deck when you are paddling
  • Warming garments to put on during coffee/lunch breaks
  • Band-aids in case of an accident – on guided tours & courses the guide/instructor has this