Hållö lighthouse was built in 1842 as a white stone tower. The lighthouse was staffed until it was automated in 1969. The lighthouse is on display from midsummer until mid-August. Then you can enjoy the view that stretches from Väderöbod in the north and Måseskär in the south.

A day trip to Hållö and Hållö Lighthouse is a fantastic experience! Here, the ice sheet has created unusual rock formations such as giant craters and Slätte hälla. The baths at Marmorbassängen, Hållö harbor and Hållö Tångar have the cleanest and saltiest water on the west coast. There is also a cafe and chapel on the island.

The Hållö ferry takes you to the well-known bathing paradise in 10 minutes throughout the summer.

You can buy round-trip tickets for the Hållö Express combined with a visit to the lighthouse and a coffee in the café!