For you who want to breathe the breeze of the sea and enjoy seafood. For you who likes to discover hidden bays between the cliffs and in the evening sees the sea and the sun become one in the horizon. And specially for you who likes to be together.

For you the best moment are those spent with others. You like the feeling of coming away, change the scene and discover new places together. Maybe you are thinking of gathering  all your relatives and do something fun together. Maybe you have som time of work and finally can plan something with your friends. Maybe you and your buddies from your sports club want to get away and charge the batteries. Or maybe you have someone close to you who you want to spent a little extra time with.

In Bohusläns camping sites you can do all this and get together with your close ones, wether you loive in a cabind, caravan, motor home or tent. The range is big, because just as the old fishing cottages come one after another along the coast of Bohuslän, it’s the same with the camping sites that you can find all over Bohuslän. Here you can be close to a world famous archipelago, boat tours, bike paths, salty baths, exciting outdoor experiences, fresh seafood, fishing, deep forests, nice restaurants och beautiful hiking paths. No matter if you want to visit in the spring, under our peak season or when the summer is long gone, there is always something for you to do and discover.

Sites you guaranteed gonna like

When camping as a family vacation developed in Sweden under the first half of the 1900s there were only tents camping. But with time the interest för outdoor life increased and more people wanted to enjoy nature by the coast. In the after war life, visitors came and asked farmers around in Bohuslän if they could set up their tent on their land. The visitors would choose the spots they thought were the most beatiful ones and with time the farmers realised the value in fixing more organized camping sites with toilets, showers and rooms for cooking a meal. So it’s not strange that the camping sites lay in such bestiful places when it’s the people itself who have chosen the spots.